Minnesota Governor Declares February 15th “Rolling Stones Day”

Minnesota Governor Declares February 15th “Rolling Stones Day”

On this day in 1999, Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura declared the 15th February to be the state Rolling Stones day

Ventura had a unique career path, beginning as a wrestler, actor and entertainer, before becoming a bodyguard for the Stones. During this time, he witnessed numerous strange and amusing situations with the band, notorious for their bad habits.

He famously recalled one event where Keith (Richards) and Ronnie (Wood) were relaxing in their dressing room, before their manager burst in claiming the police had arrived. Members of the band began swiftly hiding and destroying their contraband. Thirty seconds later Stewart Copeland and Sting entered the room, members of the band, The Police. Regardless of stories like this, Ventura remains a massive fan and defends the groups reputation fiercely.

Ventura entered politics in 1991, and was for the most part, a well-liked and fair governor. Despite often admitting not forming an opinion on certain political questions, Ventura openly advocated for homosexual and female rights, as well as the legalisation of marijuana. He has been described as a radical centrist thinker and an activist.

In 1999 however, Ventura made his first proclamation as governor by declaring February 15th as Rolling Stones Day in Minnesota. The band was playing there that night, and gratefully received the honour by putting on an exceptional show.