Cream Perform Farewell Concert at Madison Square Garden

Cream Perform Farewell Concert at Madison Square Garden

On this day in 1968, Cream performed a massive show at Madison Square Garden, New York, as part of their farewell tour

The group, made up of musical powerhouses Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker had enjoyed a hugely successful run, with their third album, Wheels of Fire, becoming the world’s first platinum-selling double album. They become widely regarded as one of the first successful supergroups.

Unfortunately, in 1968, the band suffered some problems leading to it’s eventual dissolution in November. Bruce and Baker created tension in the band with their ongoing rivalry and disagreements, while Clapton felt that communication between the members was unsatisfactory. New developments in sound equipment also caused troubles, with improved speakers and louder volume causing hearing difficulties for Baker. Clapton also claimed the new technologies led to their last shows being competitive and consisting of members showing off.

Cream was persuaded to record one final studio album, Goodbye, which was released in early 1969, after the group had officially disbanded. The band had actually decided to split in May of 1968, and an announcement was made about their final US tour and two concerts in London. The farewell tour was enormously successful and at the Madison Square Garden show, the band was presented with a platinum disc for the million sales of Wheels of Fire. After this tour, the group proceeded to pursue solo endeavours and other bands with varying success, as well as performing a couple of reunion concerts and greatest hits albums.