1998: Sir George Martin Retires From Music Industry

1998: Sir George Martin Retires From Music Industry

On this day in 1998, Sir George Martin announced his retirement from the music industry after around 50 years of service in various roles

Martin was most well-known for being the producer behind the Beatles’ hit records throughout the years, as well as working with a number of other renowned artists.

By his own admission, Martin was never a “rock ’n’ roll person”, but saw the opportunity to have a bit of fun and reclaim some youthfulness in life through The Beatles, whom he still refers to as “the boys”, and all of whom have praised Martin for his efforts in the studio, calling him the Fifth Beatle. He produced over 30 number one hits in the UK, working alongside the likes of Elton John, Kenny Rogers, Celine Dion and Little River Band. Martin also worked on music for films and television.

Sir George Martin won multiple awards and accolades for his time in the industry, including a number of Grammy’s, Doctorates in Music and a knight ship. He broke a number of records, including being one of only a handful of producers to work on number one records in three or more consecutive decades, from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. Despite all of this, Martin remained humble, courteous and was regarded by many as a gentleman of popular music. He tragically passed away in March 2016 of unknown causes and his estate is now survived by his wife of nearly fifty years and four loving children.