1968: Led Zeppelin Make Their Live Debut

1968: Led Zeppelin Make Their Live Debut

On this day in 1968, the group that would come to be known as Led Zeppelin would perform their debut live show in Denmark

Billed as “The New Yardbirds” and promoted as a natural succession from the original Yardbirds. This promotion was kept quiet and many attendees believed they were going to a Yardbirds show, before arriving before Jimmy Page and three unrecognisable musicians. In reality, The Yardbirds had fallen apart due to internal difficulties and Page continued the shows in order to fill their contractual obligations.

No set list remains from the show but it is reported that many early Zeppelin classics were played, such as Dazed and Confused and You Shook Me, as well as a number of Yardbird classics. The shows ended up reviewing incredibly well by both critics and audience members, and the group decided to continue touring, albeit with their new name of Led Zeppelin.

The landmark show both boosted the groups confidence to launch something new, and introduced the world to the ferocious music that was soon to come, as well as to the incredible musicians who would be creating these sounds.


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