John and Yoko Begin Recording Their ‘Double Fantasy’ LP

John and Yoko Begin Recording Their ‘Double Fantasy’ LP

On this day in 1980, John Lennon and Yoko Ono set about recording their final LP together, Double Fantasy

Their first release following a five year hiatus in which the couple focussed on raising their son, Sean, the album was also the first to feature both Lennon and Ono since 1972’s Some Time in New York. The pair were both feeling inspired, Lennon from a sailing trip on treacherous waters and Ono by her husbands comments on contemporary work bearing similarities to her earlier work. The album then came together as a collection of songs where husband and wife would conduct a musical conversation, with the tracks sequenced as such, Lennon then Ono then Lennon.

Dozens of songs were produced for the album, many of which were used for the Milk and Honey album released in 1984. Yoko Ono approached veteran producer Jack Douglas, who claimed he would have a hard time making the demos any better, as they already had so much intimacy. A number of new session musicians were hired at Lennon’s request and the record was put together quickly.

The album initially performed well, reaching number one in the US charts. Some critics reportedly disliked the album, but it was named Album of the Year at the 1982 Grammy Awards. Sadly, John Lennon never got to receive this award after his tragic murder late in 1980, just three weeks after this album’s release.