Lennon and McCartney meet for the first time

Lennon and McCartney meet for the first time

Today marks another monumental day in Beatles and popular music history as the anniversary of John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s first meeting

On this day in 1957, John Lennon was playing a church fete with his band, the Quarrymen, after which his bass player introduced him to one of his classmates, a 15 year old Paul McCartney. The pair were impressed with each others talents and Paul was asked to join the band shortly after, and the rest was history.

The decision to include McCartney did not come easily to John Lennon and the other Quarrymen as they feared his talents would steal the spotlight, but it was decided he would be an asset to the group. So began the next four decades of tenuous friendship, with occasions with the pair co-writing some of the most instrumental songs in the success of The Beatles, and others where they confronted each other either physically or in courtrooms. Despite the pairs differences, when they got along their musical prowess was undeniable, as proven by the above video. For more information on Lennon’s thoughts during the Beatles split, Ritchie’s book is an essential read!

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