John Bonham’s 1915 Model T Ford Hot Rod Appears on eBay

John Bonham’s 1915 Model T Ford Hot Rod Appears on eBay

This week has been an exciting one for Led Zeppelin’s fans, as drummer John Bonham’s custom 1915 Ford Model T Hot-Rod went on sale on eBay

The car was originally built in California in 1970 by Andy Brizio, who’s “Andy’s” decals remain on the car. Bonzo bought the car in the early 1970’s from Brizio and immediately shipped it back to the UK for the extravagant cost of around $5000 ($25,000 in today’s currency). The car appeared in Led Zeppelin’s 1976 film, “The Song Remains the Same” during Bonham’s drag racing sequence, cementing it’s place in rock and roll history.

The car was also host to a number of high profile rumours, including a story involving Keith Moon of The Who driving it into a swimming pool, or Hank Williams, who apparently passed away in it’s backseat. Unfortunately, these rumours are simply myth and have never been confirmed, and the car’s condition doesn’t seem to verify them.

Bonham was a renowned petrolhead with a number of high performance vehicles in his collection, and the Model T was no exception, boasting a 6 litre V8 engine. The car stayed in this collection until many years after Bonham’s death when it was acquired in a trade by a man who kept the car in storage for around 11 years (the car was not driven in this time, the owner was far too fearful to take it out on the road) and then sold to company Mid-West Performance UK who are now organising the eBay sale, available here. Collectors looking to add the hot rod to their collection better be prepared with deep pockets, as it’s current listing is sitting at £250,000, and museums are among the prioritised buyers. 


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