1964: Beatles Resume Filming for their debut film, A Hard Day’s Night

1964: Beatles Resume Filming for their debut film, A Hard Day’s Night

On this day in Beatles history, in 1964, the boys were busy filming for their first film, A Hard Day’s Night.

Over six days of shooting was required to get all of the required shots of the band, and they spent over 2500 miles on the tracks to get it. The movie itself was released in July of the same year and was immediately considered a financial and commercial success.

The band starred as themselves in the film, the plot following their journey to and from a London show, facing troubles like regular interruptions, hoards of screaming fans, hotel boredom and an arrested Ringo in the company of his troublemaking grandfather. It was also during the filming of this production that George Harrison met his wife-to-be Patricia Boyd, who played a schoolgirl in the film. Interestingly, Phil Collins also appeared as an extra in the movie, one of the concert audience, though no-one yet knew that he would also launch a successful musical career in the following years.

The film now sits on numerous greatest films lists, including that of Time Magazine’s, as well as holding a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and being number one on their list of Top Ten Certified Fresh Musicals, an impressive accolade, going on to inspire other musicians and filmmakers in their own creative ventures. A Hard Day’s Night is now renowned as essential viewing for any Beatles fan and is also considered by some as a good introductory point for new listeners.