Ritchie Yorke's Ebooks

Ritchie Yorke's Ebooks

Chances are that if you have ever researched Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin or the contemporary Canadian music scene, you will have run into a book by Ritchie Yorke.

Among his plethora of titles, he is the author of four important works from the 20th century rock reference library: Axes, Chops & Hot Licks (The Canadian Rock Music Scene) (Hurtig Publishers, 1972); The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll(Methuen Publications, 1976); Into the Music: The Van Morrison Biography (Charisma Books, 1975); and five incarnations of the Led Zeppelin story – The Led Zeppelin Biography (Methuen Publications, 1976), The Definitive Biography: Led Zeppelin (Virgin Books, 1991) and Led Zeppelin – the Definitive Biography (Virgin Books 2001) as well as Japanese and Israeli editions.


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