U.K. police raid Lennon show

U.K. police raid Lennon show

LONDON (UPI) — Police today raided and shut down an exhibition of 14 lithographs by Beatle John Lennon that depicted his love life with his wife Yoko Ono.

Robert Harland, a director of the London Arts Galleries in New Bond St. said six Scotland Yard detectives arrived shortly before noon in search of “offensive material.”

They closed the gallery and ordered the lithographs taken down. Harland said.

The lithographs were for sale at $100 each or $1,400 for the set. At least 15 full sets were sold Tuesday, the exhibit’s opening day.

About 5,000 persons viewed the lithographs yesterday. Harland said another 2,500 had seen them today before police arrived.

“It seems to us it was well known to anyone even before they entered the gallery that the lithographs showed Mr. and Mrs. Lennon to be naked and in loving positions,” Taylor said.

“We live within the laws of the land and to the best we can. So do the police. They have their job to do and I understand they have been very courteous.”