Lennon pledges his income for peace

Lennon pledges his income for peace

SKYUM, Denmark — (UP) — Beatle John Lennon said yesterday he will use all proceeds from his records and songs to promote peace in the world.

“I am not a millionaire,” Lennon said at a news conference. “None of us (The Beatles) are. Only those in circles around us. But I have a fair income from records and want to use that money to promote peace.”

Lennon, 30, denied reports that he and his Japanese wife Yoko Ono would settle in Denmark and establish a peace centre.

“We all have a peace centre inside us,” he said.

“There is no use to buy up good land to create one. But I love this place and the people here and want to come back.”

Lennon spoke at the New Experimental College, a centre for philosophy in this remote part of Denmark.