Lennons find peace at last

Lennons find peace at last

Denmark (Reuters) — Beatle John Lennon, his wife Yoko Ono. and U.S. film director Anthony Cox, Miss Ono’s former husband were said today to be interested in setting up a centre for peace research in Denmark.

The centre would become part of Nordenfjord World University, and experimental educational establishment in North Jutland, said university leader Xaage Rosenthal Nielsen yesterday.

Lennon and his wife have spent the past week at Fjerritalve in North Jutland with Cox. The original purpose of the visit was to see Miss Ono’s five-year-old daughter by her former marriage to him.

Cox has spent the last few months at the university.

The Lennons said they had found something in Denmark they’d never found anywhere else—privacy.

“We’ve never been free from journalists and press photographers for six days before. It’s been wonderful,” said Lennon.