1960’s have had more ugly news headlines

1960’s have had more ugly news headlines

I think the 60s have had more ugly news headlines than any decade in my lifetime, excluding the war years. It’s not a pleasant thought that we might be going backward instead of forward in making our world a better place to live in.

If we could weigh the good and the bad in the past 10 years, I wonder which way the scales would tip.

I’m going along with John Lennon and Yoko in believing that it is only when everyone — and it has to be everyone — does something about it, that big issues can be changed.

War and the economy of the country depend on the ordinary man in the street. It’s our husbands and sons that make up the ranks of the army in the fighting field, and its our tax payments that make it possible to run the country.

We elect the people to make decisions for us. but when something as big as putting an end to war is at stake, then we should all make our voices heard.

I am referring in particular to the Vietnam War and the fighting in Nigeria and Biafra.

I listened to John Lennon on TV the other night and he certainly spoke with a great deal of sense, and I wish God speed to his and his wife’s campaign for Peace.