OTTAWA  (CP) —John and Yoko Lennon extended their approval of Canadian politicians to Health Minister John Munro before leaving for England Tuesday.

Both Mr. Munro and Prime Minister Trudeau gave them hope, the shaggiest Beatle said. after separate interviews with the men.

We’ve got to transmit to the young people that we’ve met some human people in The Establishment, and convince them we didn’t sell out in the process.”

The Lennon judgment of Mr. Munro was based on a 1/2 hour chat in which the couple let the minister in on a Zen Buddhist diet and promised to be on call if he ever needed assistance in the war on hard drugs.

Another factor may have been the minister’s speech to the council on drug abuse in which he quoted Beatle lyrics, claimed to believe what young peoole say about marijuana’ and decried “giving criminal records to several thousand curious kids” for smoking pot.

John approved of the speech after reading it, adding that “like the whole generation, we’ve mistrusted politicians.”

Lennon also offered Mr. Munro some advice on how to get through to hostile young people. When confronted by sign-waving students, for example. he should carry his own placard proclaiming his humanity.

What else would be effective? the minister wanted to know.

“Be truthful and honest with them.” John and Yoko advised.

They added that Mr. Munro’s political struggle was at the same stage as their own peace campaign. If he kept at it he would get through, just as in the pop music world.

“You build up a catalogue of records, Mr. Minister. When your third or fourth record is a hit they’ll go back and buy your first ones.”