Lennon, Yoko Here For ’70

Lennon, Yoko Here For ’70

Invited to take part in tiie ? province’s centennial activities, j the Beatle lead singer and guitarist accepted the invitation during a live television conver-j sation with MLA Russ Doern (NDP-Elmwood).

His acceptance of the invita-l tion follows a recent rejection by the Beatles of a $4.5 million contract to appear in several major United States cities.

Mr. Doern said in an interview Monday he extended the verbal invitation to the famed Beatle on behalf of the premier An official telegram and letter have also been sent, he said.

Mr. Doern said he appeared Saturday on the CBC national show Weekend and conversed with the Beatle on a live hook-1 up from Toronto. Mr. Doern was in Winnipeg.

“I extended the invitation to him to come here in 1970 … he very emphatically said he would come. I think be said ‘Sure I’ll be there .. .’ or words to that effect.”

Mr. Doern admitted he was surprised by the Beatle singer’s] quick acceptance. “I thought he would just say thanks for the invitation and I’ll let you know.

“But it was crystal-clear that he accepted. He will be here I’m sure.”

Mr. Doern who is also a member of the Manitoba centennial corporation’s board of directors, said the premier’s letter suggested Mr. Lennon bring his peace movement to the province ‘‘and we will help you with it.”

The Beatle and his wtf# have been heading a movement to ‘‘stop all wars.”

During the television conversation, Mr. Doern said he explained Manitoba is a “progressive” province and that Mr Lennon would enjoy Winnipeg.

“Then I simply told him that we would hold him to his promise to appear. He replied that we shouldn’t worry that he •would be here.

“He will probably want to hit the mass media to convey his ideas … will also likely have a big meeting outdoors, maybe in Birds Hill Park, as part of his peace movement.’’

Mr. Doern said he doubted Mr. Lennon would feature his repertoire of Beatle favorites, but instead would play songs preferred by his Plastic Ono Band.

The members are Mr Lennon and his wife as well as two or three other musicians.

Mr. Doeim agreed the “older about the Beatle’s appearance here.

“They will probably say he is immoral in many ways. But he isn’t really. After all, he advised kids to keep off drugs when he appeared on television.”

The MLA said Mr. Lennon has also praised Canadians for treating him and his wife “like human beings.”

Mr. Doern said he expected Manitoba youth would be “ecstatic” about the appearance.

“After all, there just isn’t anyone who is bigger than the Beatles. They will be walking on cloud nine. This will probably be the best thing in Centennial for the kids.”

Mr. Doern said a committee has been established to prepare an itinerary for the couple’s visit as well as organize “communications, dates, alternative plans and conditions.”

He said, however, the committee wimiM be carefnL not to have the appearance during the j Royal visit here July 5 to 15.

“We would not want to detract from her visit and I don’t believe having the two here at the same time would be very appropriate somehow.”

Mr. Doern said he expected the singer’s appearance here would be next