Lennons label Trudeau ‘one of beautiful people’

Lennons label Trudeau ‘one of beautiful people’

OTTAWA — Pierre Elliott Trudeau is one of the beautiful people.

The word comes from Beatle John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, who spent almost an hour with the prime minister Tuesday in his Centre Block office on Parliament Hill.

They came to talk peace, but according to Lennon, they talked generalities.

“He was more beautiful than we expected. We got great incentives from just meeting him,“ said Lennon’s Japanese wife.

“If all politicians were like Trudeau, there would be world peace. You don’t know how lucky you are in Canada,” interjected the bearded Beatle.

Lennon and his wife hurried to Ottawa overnight Monday from Toronto when the prime minister conceded he had some time for them in his Tuesday schedule. Apparently they had time to spare also from organization of a peace festival they plan to hold at Mosport in July.

Prime Minister Trudeau didn’t get a personal invitation to the festival, Lennon confided.

The couple entered the prime minister’s office still dressed in long black cloaks. Lennon’s hair streamed behind him as he and his wife strode rapidly through the halls of the Parliament buildings.

They were met by a prime minister also dressed in black, but his suit was made of corduroy—very mod.

The couple also met Health and Welfare Minister John Munro before leaving  the capital.

“Why the health minister?” they were asked.

“To keep the festival healthy, man,” replied Lennon.

Only one reporter was allowed to enter the prime minister’s chamber with the visitors. They posed for pictures, one with the prime minister’s arm around Yoko’s shoulder one with Lennon and Yoko with their arms around each other.

It was a symphony in black, said the server.

Is black a color of peace?

“No,” said Mrs. Lennon. “It’s practical like black or white, but black is warm winter.”