John and Yoko find Pierre’s tuned in

John and Yoko find Pierre’s tuned in

OTTAWA—John and Yoko met Pierre Tuesday and appeared to get similar vibrations for peace.

“If all politicians were like Mr. Trudeau, “said John Lennon, “there would be world peace. You don’t know how lucky you are in Canada.”

And his wife. Yoko Ono, chimed in breathlessly: “We got a great incentive by meeting him and knowing there are such people as him in the establishment.”

The peace campaigner among the Beatles came out of his 55-minute interview with Trudeau exclaiming that the prime minister was one of the “beautiful people” Lennon’s Japanese-born wife gushed. “Yes, more beautiful than we expected.”

Then they dashed off, with their escort—a bearded agent in a racoon coat and another aide in a purple suit and floppy hat, to visit Health Minister John Munro to discuss the health aspects of their proposed international peace festival at Mosport next July 3-5.

Lennon told members of the press gallery that they and Trudeau had “talked in generalizations.” Asked if their views were similar, he said that “we want hope for the future and in that respect our views are similar.”

But they both felt they had achieved something by these talks, with as Yoko said, a great incentive for furthering their peace movement.

Although he had not discussed the Mosport peace festival with Trudeau, Lennon said it was designed for “musicians, poets, artists to do their thing for peace.”

When a reporter asked if “the road to peace is primarily the development of a frame of mind,” Lennon replied ‘yes, it couldn’t be phrased better’ and Yoko added “peace starts in the home.”

Her husband said that “if I can grease them,” he hoped to have the other members of the Beatles at the Mosport festival.

He did not spell out the “health aspects” which he wanted to discuss with Munro. It was just “a nice way to put it, to keep it healthy, you know.”

But as one who has been convicted of possession of marijuana, he indicated he hadn’t sworn off the drugs, although he was keeping ‘clear of anything that interferes with my physical or mental wellbeing.”

He said he didn’t want anything to develop at the Mosport festival, like the drug binges that had wrecked other rock music festivals.

But he felt a lot had been learned by the experiences of the Rolling Stones and the festivals at Woodstock and the Isle of Wight, and he said “we can have a safe and harmonious meeting of people in peace at Mosport.”

As an anti-war protester, Lennon felt the site of this Canadian auto racing track for a peace festival was all right, “because he can change the vibrations on that ground.”

Asked if he would be going to the Manitoba Centennial celebrations next year as asked by Premier Ed Schreyer, he said he hadn’t received the invitation yet, so nothing had been done about it.

Although he has had his photograph taken with Britain’s Prime Minister Wilson, Lennon claimed Trudeau was “the first political leader we’ve met, “and, of course, he was “just beautiful.”

The Lcnnons, after a week in Canada pushing their slogan “war is over—if you want it,” came to Ottawa late Monday night and left for London via Air Canada Tuesday