Can that be Lennon looking at a price tag?

Can that be Lennon looking at a price tag?

There’s a question all red- blooded Canadians with a slight inferiority complex should ask themselves.

If London town is so swinging, how come its number one son comes to Canada with an empty suitcase knowing that filling it is as easy as having $800 and 30 minutes?

Cause that’s just how long it took the Lennons… you know, John and Yoko… to park their white Rolls Royce on Yonge street in Toronto and swoop into Le Chateau.

John bought jumpsuits, hats and scarves…. Yoko bought everything in sight, including five blouses by Finnish designer, Hans Metzen. It’s easy to see how Yoko got the lion’s share of the purchases. Five blouses at each, and her pointing finger at other things added up to $600.

But then, the Lennons knew shopping wouldn’t be difficult.

When they were in Montreal last May for their bed-in, they dropped by Le Chateau on St. Catherine street at proprietor Hershie Segal’s invitation and bought eight jumpsuits … three each and two for their daughter Kyoko.

In Toronto last week they didn’t wait for an invitation.

They rang up, made an appointment and asked for privacy because they’re always mobbed.

And the store complied… locking all three doors.

But… the word had gone out and the mob gathered outside, making an exit impossible for the Lennons… a dignified exit, that is.

So, the store manager made his first public appearance, asked for calm and said the Lennons would be out if they would please behave themselves … the crowd did and were rewarded with John’s speech for peace before he and his wife got into their Rolls with all their bundles and drove off…