Beatle Lennon, Yoko See PM for 55 Minutes

Beatle Lennon, Yoko See PM for 55 Minutes

OTTAWA—Beatle John Lennon and his bride, Yoko, dropped in yesterday at Prime Minister Pierre’s parliamentary office for a parley on peace.

The appointment was for five minutes, but it went 55.

The busy Pierre, who only recently found it difficult to find time, at the federal-provincial constitutional conference, for some of the premiers who wished to see him in private, found it simple to fit the hairy pair into his schedule.

The time priorities of the trendy PM were somewhat more constricting last week when there was no way 50 dismissed federal civil servants—film board sackings— could get in to see him.

But Beatle John and Yoko I were a different matter: “We’re for peace, man,” they said.

Maybe the PM had something—for while the premiers and the film board purgees might have been for a lot of things, peace wasn’t exactly one of them.

There could be all sorts of future embarrassments for the trendy one in the tete a tete with John and Yoko.

Because from now on, when he finds it’s impossible to see Local 108 of the National Boiler Workers International Union, the Whitby Humane Society — or just about any other group—the howl will go up that he had time for these creatures who looked like they came from another world, which perhaps, in a sense, they did.

Clad from head to foot in funeral black, the touring Britons, claiming to be ambassadors of today’s youth, swept in through the doors of the centre block, surrounded by a small corps of managers and hangers-on.

They were escorted without delay to the prime minister’s office by his press secretary and several officers of the commons protective staff.

There was a short delay because the prime minister was in conference with the Privy Council clerk, Gordon Robertson, who came out of the PM’s office grinning in what might have been embarrassment, as the honored guests and 20 photographers and one ‘’pool” reporter crowded in.

Both the Beatle and his bride have shoulder – length hair. Yoko’s was crowned by a flappy black hat, big as an umbrella. She wore an ankle-length black knitted garment under a black greatcoat.

The one reporter who operated as a pool man for all the others, revealed that, after the greetings, the prime minister had thrown an arm around Yoko’s shoulders.

Beginning their conversation with the prime minister, John and Yoko stood with their arms locked around each other’s waists.

Some cameramen said they heard the PM refer to John and Yoko as “ambassadors.”

Following their tete a tete with the busy prime minister/ the two “ambassadors” of youth went out to Tunney’s Pasture to talk with Health Minister Munro who has spoke of the possibilities of softening the penalties for pot-smoking.

The Beatle was asked if he had sworn off drugs. He replied he hadn’t sworn off anything, but added that he keeps clear of “anything that interferes with my health or mental well-being.”

Asked whether this included marijuana, he replied: “No, not for me.” He made it clear, however, he was not advocating drug use for others.

Though the couple refused to be pinned down on exactly what they had discussed with the prime minister, Lennon said he was convinced Mr. Trudeau is “a beautiful person.”

Lennon said they wanted to discuss the “health aspects” of next summer’s big Mosport peace festival with the health minister.

Asked what possible interest such a peace rally could be to the Canadian health minister, Beatle Lennon replied: “To keep the festival healthy, man.”

Similar festivals, held during the last year in both the United States and England, ; have created problems for organizers, among them treating teenagers who have freaked out on drugs.

Lennon said Mr. Trudeau was the first major politician he and his wife have met personally since they launched their international “crusade for peace.”