Lennons Planning Giant Peace Festival

Lennons Planning Giant Peace Festival

TORONTO (CP) – John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, planning a peace festival at Mosport Park northeast of here in July, plan to ask his fellow Beatles and “everyone who’s anyone” to entertain.

Lennon and Ono arrived here Tuesday night for a week-long stay, and held a news conference Wednesday.

Lennon said he feels about peace the way he felt about the Beatles a few years ago. “We’re not going to give up because some other people failed.”

“John and Yoko refuse to become the leader of the youth movement for peace. We’re just saying this is our flag, it’s a white flag, is anybody else in the game” he said.

He said advertising is the key to a successful peace campaign —“sell, sell, sell.”

He hopes Beatles George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney will come to Mosport, a park 30 miles from Toronto noted for Grand Prix car racing.

“ … If I can get Elvis Presley, I’l ltry.”

He and Yoko have arranged to distribute Christmas posters reading “War is Over! If yoi want it. Merry Christmas fron John and Yoko,” in 11 world cities.

They like Canada because:

. . : We like your not fighting, you’ve pulled out of NATO and all the things you do seem like good things. . . .”

Asked if he would like to meet Prime Minister Trudeau, Lennon said:

“We don’t want to hustle him you know, and pressure him. If it’s possible to talk we’d enjoy it.