Peace simple for John, Yoko

Peace simple for John, Yoko

TORONTO – (CP) – Smile, clap hands and hope and the world will find peace.

That, in brief, was the Christmas message the Lennons — John and Yoko — offered Saturday.

Both agreed their way of achieving peace may be overly-simple but said peace is a “very simple thing.”

“Peace is no violence, no frustration, no fear,” John Lennon said during an interview to be shown Christmas Day by the CBS television network.

“If I smile at you, you’re liable to smile back,” he told the CBS interview. “We’re smiling at the world.”

Earlier, he told Marshall McLuhan, author of The Medium is the Message, “that it’s a cinch to drop in anywhere in the world, clap your hands and get a good response.”

Between the interviews, the Lennons said a rock festival nearby Mosport Park and the festival held this summer in Woodstock, N.Y. is the kind of event that can raise hopes for peace.

“In London, we were giving up hope until the Woodstock festival,” he said. “The vibes (vibrations) from Woodstock were beautiful.

“There were 125,000 people there — the largest group gathered for battle.

“If we can bring a package of hope with the Mosport thing, maybe we can take the whole shebang, the whole world. ,

“Peace is a nice message; it’ll get around.”

Later he was interviewed on the CBC-TV program weekend where he said he took drugs when he lost hope but added that those who take drugs “have no hope.”

He said that Canada is the first country he has come to where he has been given help.

During the CBS interview nr Canadian newspapers, radio and TV stations were the first to give his peace campaign a chance.

Mr. McLuhan explained that “having no national identity, Canada has never had any goals.

“That’s why Canada is not as frustrated and therefore not as aggressive as most countries,” he said.