Lennon Says He’ll Bill Nixon

Lennon Says He’ll Bill Nixon

Lennon of the Beatles and his wife Yoko Ono extended their Christmas peace campaign to the United States Sunday by running a full-page anti-war advertisement in the New York Times.

The ad appeared earlier this week in Paris’ English-language Herald Tribune and in newspapers in Toronto and Montreal.

It is modelled after posters Lennon is having printed and displayed in major cities throughout the world. The posters are up all over London already and Lennon has said they will be up in 10 more cities by Christmas.

He says the campaign will cost $72,000 and has promised that he will send President Nixon the bill.

“War is over,” the ad proclaims, “if you want it.”

It is signed: “Happy Christmas from John and Yoko Lennon.”

The Lennons arrived in Toronto last Tuesday to launch the crusade. The singing star said when he arrived at the aiport that his ads and posters “cost less than the life of one man and I am sending the bill for printing to Presidnt Richard Nixon.”