Beatle John Becomes Fan Of Snowmobile

Beatle John Becomes Fan Of Snowmobile

TORONTO (OP) — Beatle John Lennon likes Canadian winters, and has become an avid snowmobile fan.

Lennon and his wife, Yoko. have been staying at the farm of rock singer Ronnie Hawkins in nearby Mississauga where snow is about a foot deep.

Lennon and his host spent part of Friday snowmobiling, and Hawkins challenging the Beatle to a midnight race.

Lennon and communications theorist Marshall McLuhan were to tape a television show here today to be shown in the United States on CBS Christmas Day.

A great fan of Mr. McLuhan, Lennon said he is looking forward to meeting him.

Lennon also will appear hve on the CBC show Weekend tonight following the Hockey Night in Canada telecast.