Beatle John Lennon expected in Toronto for Yule peace crusade

Beatle John Lennon expected in Toronto for Yule peace crusade

TORONTO (CP) — Beatle John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, are expected to arrive here this week to launch a Christmas crusade for peace.

John Brower, 23, one of a Toronto group that is organizing the visit, said Sunday he visited the Lennons last week at their home near London and the couple had decided Canada was the best place to “talk to the press about peace.”

He said Lennon was impressed during his two earlier visits to Canada this year by “the sensible political attitudes that prevail here.”

Brower said Prime Minister Trudeau “has given us a tremendous international image with thinking people, young and old.”

Brower and the young persons in his group have put up posters, signs and billboards across Toronto to publicize Lennon’s peace plea.

Lennon said in London Sunday he plans to put up signs and billboards in 11 cities around the world. The signs will read:

“War is over. If you want it. Happy Christmas from John and Yoko.”

The pop star was quoted as saying he had decided to return to Canada because “the maturity of the people is amazing when you consider Canada is so young.” “Canada’s attitudes with regard to Vietnam. China and NATO, are very sensible. Everything points to Canada as being one of the key countries in the new race for survival . . the peace race.”

Lennon said he expected to arrive in Toronto Wednesday

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