Indiscriminate Awards Come Home To Roost

Indiscriminate Awards Come Home To Roost

So, John Lennon of the Beatles has returned his OBE insignia to Her Majesty the Queen as a protest against the support Great Britain gives to the United States in its war in Vietnam.

It shows that the great majority of the population of Britain was right. It objected strenuously when the four youngsters were awarded this distinction for caterwauling better and louder than all the other similar groups, thereby contributing substantially to the exchequer of the country by paying taxes on the millions a gullible public poured into their laps.

The order was discredited soon after its creation through being broadcast on the recommendations of political pundits as a reward for their friends and associates.

It was given various interpretations, the OBE being translated as the “Order Bestowed on Everybody” and other more plebian and ribald descriptions.

Many people who were awarded this famous Order of the British Empire accepted it half-heartedly out of respect to the Queen who merely proved to be the instrument and the victim of the politicians in this caper.

They resented being lumped in with many people who were granted this order without really valid reasons.

Many have wondered if some officials with a sense of humor, or worse, deliberately imposed their choice of recipients: The Beatles.

It certainly looks like it.